An image of Dr Emily Mason an Osteopath at Holistic Bodyworks

Dr. Emily Mason – Osteopath in Oakleigh South

We’d like to welcome back to the Holistic Bodyworks team in Oakleigh South, Dr. Emily Mason – OSTEOPATH

Dr. Emily Mason will be starting back next Thursday, so we let you know what she’s been up to!


What has Emily been up to?

Over the past 12 months, Emily has completed her final placement of a Nursing Degree. She has enjoyed the fast paced environment of working on the frontline in a hospital setting. As a nurse, she has worked in operating theatres as well as post operative recovery roles. She has got to see a variety of conditions that she would see in clinic and has changed the way she as an Osteopath can impact these conditions.

Personally, Emily has become a local! Moving to the Bayside area and enjoying all that it has to offer.


That’s what she’s done recently, but a little refresh about Emily…

Why did Emily become an Osteopath?

Emily has always valued the benefits, both physically and mentally, of having a fit and active lifestyle.  This led her to study Osteopathy. As it focuses on the person as a whole, and how the body can self heal with movement and the assistance of Osteopathic treatment.


How did Emily become the Osteopath she is today?

Emily graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters of Osteopathy.  She broadened her scope of treatment, through the completion of dry needling and rehabilitative Clinical Pilates.


Her passion for Osteopathy allowed her to travel to India in 2014 and 2015. She worked as an Osteopath at a sports medicine hospital. This experience allowed her to further develop her skills in pre and post-operative treatment and rehabilitation.


What are Emily’s interests?

In addition to her interests in rehabilitation, Emily also has developed a keen interest in treating

  • neck pain
  • headaches
  • postural complaints

She combines her hands on skills with her knowledge of rehabilitative Clinical Pilates.  This not only reduces pain and increases mobility, but also strengthens her patients so they feel better for longer.

She believes the opportunity to be involved with other health professionals and a part of the educational process that helps patients take back control of their health, is a privilege.


Why has Emily joined Holistic Bodyworks?

Now Emily has a desire to further her experience as an Osteopath by joining the Holistic Bodyworks team of Osteopaths, Myotherapist, Remedial Massage therapist and Naturopath. She is excited about working in the team environment as she believes in Holistic Healthcare.


Holistic Bodyworks offers patients in the South East of Melbourne a treatment facility where they can feel nurtured, respected, and supported through their recovery from illness or injury. Our uplifting space offers Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Naturopathy, and Clinical Pilates for those seeking holistic injury management and optimal health.


We treat patients from all backgrounds, seeking relief from injury or illness, or as a preventative measure for overall well-being and vitality. Our patients range from babies and children, pre and postnatal women to older people wanting to increase strength, balance, and mobility. We assist injured workers in returning to work and athletes back onto the sporting field.


Come in and say hi to Osteopath Dr. Emily Mason.

Emily is available for appointments Thursday.

If you would like to get to know Emily, schedule an appointment today online or by phoning the clinic on 9570 3388.