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How to keep on track with healthy eating! Tips from Oakleigh South Naturopath

With the new year upon us and many health resolutions made, here are a few tips on how to keep on track with healthy eating!

One of the most common questions at the start of the year seems to be, “what is your new year’s resolution?” I have heard many responses stating that 2018 is the year for healthy living, quitting bad foods, getting on top of those niggling health issues and most popularly, weight loss.


So how can we move through the year maintaining these changes without falling off the wagon and sliding back into old habits?


  • Start with small goals first. 

Make sure your goals are achievable and not too overwhelming. It is common to want to overhaul your whole life overnight, however will it be sustainable? To achieve healthy eating focus on one or two small goals at a time and when they have been incorporated into your life and the new healthy habit has formed, focus on your next goal. Examples of small achievable goals include: starting your day with a nice big glass of warm water or making sure you don’t skip breakfast or any meals during the day or eating a handful of raw unsalted nuts in the mid-afternoon instead of a bit of chocolate.


  • Focus on the good foods rather than the bad.

Focusing on only the foods you want to cut out can at times become quite unproductive as we then tend to think about those foods more often! “Can’t have chips, can’t have chocolate, can’t have too many coffees”- we are more likely going to crack under pressure and reach for these foods if we are constantly thinking about them. So its best for healthy eating to focus on incorporating the goods foods and how we can get them into our day. For example think about how to include the following on a daily basis: 1 cup of leafy green vegetables; ½ cup of berries; handful of raw unsalted nuts; 1 cup of cruciferous vegetables etc.


  • Organisation is a crucial factor in any lifestyle change.

Think about when you are driving home from work and remind yourself that there is nothing in the fridge, the easy solution is then take-away or to skip that meal and eat some snacks instead. Meal planning is a great tool and habit to get into. Write down your week and what you plan to make for breakfast, lunches and dinner. This also can help your hip pocket as you buy what you need for the week and reduce the risk of food going to waste. Spend a couple of hours on your Sunday or day off to prepare some of these meals and keep them in your fridge or freezer. When you get home from work, viola, dinner is served.


  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.

‘Falling off the wagon’ or having a hiccup here or there is perfectly normal when trying to make lifestyle and dietary changes. Don’t stress over it or beat yourself up about it. It happened and there is no reason to give up. Start your next meal or day afresh and getting on top of those small goals that you promised yourself. Long-term changes take time, know in yourself that you will get there!

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