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The Liver – How to love yours this festive season!

That time of the year is coming up and the silly season is upon us, so this blog is all about ways to stay healthy and love your liver these holidays!

The holiday period may see us indulging in tasty food and enjoying a drink or two as the work, family & friend get togethers fill our calendars. You may be the type who gets to the end of the holiday season completely exhausted, with clothes that are feeling a little too tight and you may be thinking, “I’m too tired to get started on that New Years resolution!”

There is a way to still do all those things (in moderation) and come out the other end feeling energetic and fresh for the start of 2020!


Firstly, what does the liver do?


The liver is essentially our body’s filtering system.  It takes blood from the digestive system and filters it before passing it to the rest of the body.  It produces bile to assist in the digestion and metabolism of fats and lastly it also has a big role in detoxifying chemicals.


So by looking at the above, eating foods that are higher in fats and drinking alcohol has a direct effect on the liver!  The liver in turn has to produce more bile to assist in the breakdown of those fats and secondly work harder to filter through and detoxify that alcohol.  As this time of year is about having a little fun, there are some things we can do to make our liver’s job a little easier.


Consider implementing the following over this holiday season:


  • Start your day with a large glass of warm water with half a squeezed lemon. This ensures you are giving your body some hydration and provides some gentle cleansing for the start of the day
  • Consider drinking a dandelion root tea daily. Dandelion root has gentle liver cleaning actions.  If you happen to drink multiple coffees per day, consider swapping one out for a dandelion tea or even a herbal tea, which is more hydrating than drinking a coffee or black tea
  • Stay very well hydrated throughout the day, with an aim to have around 2 litres of water per day. If you find it difficult to get enough water into your day, pop some sliced cucumber, mint leaves, orange and/or lemon into your water bottle to make things a little more interesting
  • If you are at work xmas drinks or at an event with alcohol, swap every second drink with a glass of water. Staying well hydrated will ensure you liver can process the alcohol more adequately and your head may not be as sore the next day!
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to balance things out. If you have an event planned make sure that your food intake that day is full of antioxidants and nourishment.  Think green smoothies, colourful salads, leafy green vegetables, adequate lean protein and of course plenty of water. Fibre is another important element during this time to keep your bowels regular.  Sluggish bowels add to your overall “toxin-load”, so another reason to keep your fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrains up during this time.
  • Increase your intake of bitter foods. Your liver loves bitters!  Bitter foods stimulate bile production and as mentioned above, bile is essential for fat metabolism.  The easiest way to include bitters on a daily basis is to add some rocket leaves to your meals.  Rocket leaves are highly bitter and are an easy addition to your salad, sandwich or as a side portion on your plate.

If you can implement a few or all of these things, you’ll not only enjoy the festivities of the silly season but not regret it come 2020!


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