Image depicting one of the ways to stop the spread

Stop the spread – here is how you can help

By now, we all have heard the terms social distancing, increased hygiene measures, stop the spread. But what do they actually mean…? The best way to stop the spread is to first understand HOW the virus spreads!



How does the coronavirus spread?


The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is not fully understood, but the main way it spreads is from droplet transmission. This means when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks, respiratory droplets are generated and released into the air.


Transmission of respiratory viruses such as COVID-19 occurs when large respiratory droplets carrying infectious pathogens are expelled from the respiratory tract of infectious individuals and land on susceptible mucosal surfaces (mouth, nose or eyes) of the recipient. These droplets can also be transmitted by direct and indirect contact via hands and clothing, shared equipment and environmental surfaces.



So why are we standing 1.5m apart (social distancing)?


Previous research has found that droplets containing the virus were heavier and so fell to the ground more quickly. The average trajectory of the particles was 1.5m, so in theory if we stand that distance apart there is less rick of an infected droplet landing on your face.


Don’t forget that respiratory droplets can be released when people are TALKING, so if someone stops to chat to you, even if you know them well, take a step back to stop the spread!



Why should we be wearing masks?


New research has shown with COVID-19 that the virus containing droplets are not falling to the ground. In fact, the virus is being held in the air in small particles called aerosols, which are surviving for up to 2-3 hours. This means that someone who coughed or sneezed, can leave droplets lingering in the air that you could breathe in up to 3 hours after the person has gone.


Wearing a mask not only reduces your risk of breathing in any infected aerosols, it also stops the release of the virus containing droplets if you are unknowingly infected. It is strongly recommended to wear a mask when in public places to further stop the spread.



Why are we increasing hygiene measures?


As infected respiratory droplets can land on frequently used surface such as desks, benches, tables, door handles etc. indirect transmission can occur by someone touching the same surface and then touching their face (mouth, nose, eyes).


It is therefore important to regularly disinfect these surfaces to stop the spread of INDIRECT transmission.



Why are we washing our hands regularly?


If an infected person touches their face (mouth, nose, eyes) when coughing, blowing their nose, rubbing their eyes they will DIRECTLY transfer the infected respiratory droplets to their hands. If that person touches anything else prior to washing their hands, they can transfer the infected droplets to that surface.



What else can we can do to stop the spread?


  • Don’t touch your face especially when you are in a public space
  • Use hand sanitiser when out in public places
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow or tissue
  • If you have symptoms, get tested!!



What is Holistic Bodyworks doing to stop the spread?


Our team at Holistic Bodyworks are working hard to protect our patients and our community by

  • Wearing masks – our team will all be wearing a mask, we encourage you to wear one from home
  • We are regularly disinfecting all surfaces
  • We are washing our hands regularly
  • We have hand sanitiser readily available throughout the clinic



Together we can all do our part to reduce the risk and stop the spread. For more information or if you would like to make an appointment please phone the clinic on 95703388 or book online.



Coronavirus Disease 2019 – Infection Prevention and Control Guideline 21 June 2020 Version 2

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