Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates Southeast Melbourne

Clinical Pilates combines slow, sustained exercises, physical manipulation, and breathing techniques to improve fitness and wellbeing

Clinical Pilates takes many of the principles, routines and exercises of Pilates and modifies them to the individual. The result is a highly-specialised modality that focuses on rehabilitating and conditioning individual’s bodies.

Over the years, Clinical Pilates has become a popular method for improving:

  • Posture
  • Core strength
  • Stability and balance
  • Flexibility

Clinical Pilates may also be able to facilitate faster recovery and help restore your body following injury or trauma by improving flexibility, strength and balance. It is commonly employed as part of injury prevention and pain management strategies.

At Holistic Bodyworks, you can enjoy safe and supervised Clinical Pilates, led by our talented team, to target injuries, support rehabilitation, and improve your overall posture.

How Does Clinical Pilates Work?

One-on-one attention

Unlike “regular” Pilates, Clinical Pilates classes are deliberately small. At Holistic Bodyworks we take this idea one step further, conducting all Pilates treatments in one-on-one sessions.

This affords you plenty of individual attention with your instructor, which is exactly what you need to overcome injury and pain.

Routines tailored for you

Clinical Pilates programs begin with a full medical history and thorough full-body assessment of how your body moves.

This is used to gain an understanding of your body and physical conditions, which your osteopath uses to develop a personalised regime that targets your specific health goals.

In-depth knowledge

Clinical Pilates routines are built using an in-depth understanding of human anatomy, the causes of your specific conditions, and the rehabilitation process.

This necessitates extensive hands-on experience and formal training, far beyond what will be found in online tutorials or your local Pilates class.

Clinical Pilates Treatments

Using body exercises targeted towards your physical and health goals, Clinical Pilates may assist in improving flexibility, posture, strength, and balance.

This can make it suitable for a range of different patients and applications, including:

  • Pregnant women and new mothers
  • Seniors and retirees
  • Office workers
  • Improving sporting technique
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • People recovering from surgery
  • Getting back into exercise

Our expert team are passionate about helping you achieve your health goals, whatever they are.

By looking at your unique circumstances, our Osteopaths craft you a tailored program that helps you live your life in the best possible health.

Our experienced team create custom-made routines, choosing Pilates exercises that are tailored for your health goals. When combined with treatments for other aspects of your health such as Osteopathy and Naturopathy, Clinical Pilates may be able to help you overcome a wide range of health conditions.

What Happens During Clinical Pilates?

Never participated in a Clinical Pilates session before? We imagine you might be feeling a little nervous, but please – don’t worry. We’re here to make your experience as enjoyable and calming as possible.

Here are a few tips if you’re preparing for your first session.

  • Wear comfortable clothing – leggings and a tank top are some of the most common attire
  • Avoid anything too baggy – your instructor won’t be able to properly assess your body under loose clothing
  • You might like to remove obstructive jewellery and accessories
  • Wear grip socks (pairs can be purchased at our clinic if you don’t have any) and bring a water bottle and small towel
  • If you don’t understand something or need instructions repeated, don’t be afraid to ask and we’ll be glad to help you out
  • You should feel comfortable but challenged as you engage your muscles

If you experience pain, let your instructor know so they can assess and correct your technique

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