Naturopath Southeast Melbourne

So many factors influence the body’s ability to heal itself and sustain optimal health. What you eat, how you live, how you’re coping both mentally and emotionally – every element plays a role.

Naturopathy combines dietary advice, herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation with lifestyle modifications, for a holistic approach to good health and vitality.

Before we recommend modifications to your diet and lifestyle, we investigate the causes of your symptoms.

We do this in two ways:

  1. Traditional laboratory investigations
  2. By having an in-depth conversation with you about your life, your experience, and expectations of your body

From there, we design a treatment plan that will support your lifestyle and nourish your body.

Naturopathy isn’t a treatment for a specific injury, illness or condition. However, when employed alongside other medical and allied health treatments, it can assist with recovery and can open the door to improved overall wellbeing.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

The majority of conventional treatments are reactive. They exist to treat pains and injuries as they arise, restoring your body to its previous condition.

By contrast, Naturopathy focuses on prevention.

The secret to leading a healthier, more active lifestyle is maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing.

Diet, exercise and mental wellbeing all have a dramatic effect on your body – a strong, healthy body is more resistant to health problems. A healthy body is also more capable of self-healing, allowing you to recover from injury faster.

By focusing on these, Naturopathy helps insulate you from future injury and conditions and supports you to reach your best possible self.

Naturopathy is Health That Goes Beyond Your Body

Naturopathy takes a holistic view towards your health.

The first session with your naturopath won’t involve any exercises or physical manipulation – rather, it’ll be an in-depth conversation about your life, experience, and expectations of your body.

From there, we design a treatment plan that improves every facet of your health and wellbeing.

Good health starts with a good diet

Using our modern understanding of nutrition and food science, naturopathy prescribes dietary and nutritional advice that’s tailored to you.

We analyse what your diet lacks and help you rebalance your diet, prescribe herbal medicines, and reintroduce essential nutrients to your diet.

Naturopaths help fix bad habits

The role that lifestyle factors such as physical activity play in health and wellbeing is indisputable.

By educating patients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and helping to make positive lifestyle adjustments, naturopaths can safeguard wellbeing and enhance an individual’s ability to self-heal.

The link between mental and physical health

Many health conditions can be amplified by mental and emotional turmoil in your life – stress eating is one example of the many direct flow-on effects stress and mental pressures can have on your physical health.

Naturopathy provides you with the tools to manage anxiety, stress, and other mental strains that come with day-to-day life.

Techniques such as meditation increase mindfulness, while emotional guidance and support help take the emotional burden off your shoulders.

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