Our multidisciplinary team align education, in-clinic and at-home support to build a holistic treatment regime that will see our patients living their most enriched lives.

Our Clinic

Holistic Bodyworks offers patients in the South East of Melbourne a treatment facility where they can feel nurtured, respected, and supported through their recovery from illness or injury. Our uplifting space offers Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, and Clinical Pilates for those seeking holistic injury management and optimal health.

Dr Nicola Shelton


Nicola knows first-hand the human body’s ability to heal and rejuvenate with the right form of treatment, following her 9-year career as a gymnast. It was this experience that led Nicola to explore the science of Osteopathy – completing a double-degree of Clinical Science and Master of Health Science at Victoria University, and later, studies in Clinical Pilates with a particular focus on antenatal and post-natal conditioning.

Today, Nicola has a solid 15 years’ clinical experience treating complaints ranging from headaches to debilitating sporting, workplace (such as disc sprains and postural problems), and age-related injuries or conditions. Nicola has a strong belief in education and rehabilitation to prevent further injuries, so she will provide a detailed explanation of the disease process, and incorporate both in-clinic and at-home Clinical Pilates exercises into the treatment plan.

Nicola is available for appointments Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Dr Jessie Wood


Jessie was first introduced to osteopathy as a teenager after sustaining a back injury, and she has been hooked ever since. Jessie graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and a Masters in Health Science. Since graduating she has gained considerable experience, working as an Osteopath in Melbourne for 12 years.

Jessie has a passion for understanding the human body, and she loves the problem-solving nature of being an osteopath. She believes that every body is unique, and as such, every treatment is unique, making osteopathic practice both challenging and immensely rewarding.
Jessie has a particular interest in treating women during pregnancy and beyond, as well as their babies and children. She loves being part of this special journey, giving therapeutic relief as well as advice and support for self-care.

Jessie also loves to treat neck and back pain, headaches and jaw pain, and she has a wealth of personal experience to draw from when treating her patients, making her an empathetic and considerate practitioner.

Jessie is available for appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Dr Jane Moroz


Jane graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Science) and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy). While completing her Masters in Osteopathy, she was fortunate enough to be selected to complete an internship in India, working alongside leading knee and shoulder surgeons. She was exposed to a variety of complex, chronic conditions, which sparked her interest in dealing with chronic disease. She enjoys the problem solving element that osteopathy offers.

Jane is passionate about Osteopathy and finding the cause of the dysfunction rather than just treating the symptom. She utilises a wide range of holistic treatment techniques which are tailored around the patient’s goals and helps them get back to optimal health and wellbeing. She has a strong belief in education and rehabilitation to prevent further injuries and encourages her patients to take an active involvement in their own recovery.

Coming from a dental background, Jane has developed particular interest in treating TMJ or jaw related conditions. Other areas of interest include headaches and migraines, pelvic girdle pain, pregnancy associated musculoskeletal conditions and chronic lower back pain. She is also qualified in dry needling and cupping.

Jane is available for appointments Tuesday and Friday.

Dr Nicholas Ibarra


Nick has always seen the importance of maintaining a happy healthy lifestyle. Being able to aid people to return to the things the love, whether it be a particular sport, work or family, brings him great fulfilment. Nick is passionate about the holistic approach that osteopathy provides and enjoys treating all patients alike.

As well as private practice, Nick also works in the aged care sector, so he sees the importance of patient education, rehabilitation and injury prevention. This has given Nick great experience in a wide range of injuries as well as the importance of education towards musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain.

Nick graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and a Master of Osteopathy as well as previously completing a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at La Trobe University. Further developing his skills, he has completed Myofascial Dry Needling and Sports taping courses. He uses a variety of hands-on osteopathic techniques such as; soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, stretching and dry needling.

Outside of the clinic, Nick has developed a keen interest in running, cycling, training in the gym and follows the Richmond Tigers.

Nick Is available for appointments Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Dr. Morgan Reid


After discovering the benefits of the holistic Osteopathic approach, Morgan knew that this was how she wanted to give back to her community and help her patients in pain to optimise their health and lifestyle.

Having recently graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy), Morgan is equipped with a firm understanding of the mind and body connection, utilising a bio-psychosocial approach to develop tailored management plans for each individual’s needs and goals.

Morgan enjoys treating a broad range of complaints utilising hands on treatment techniques such as soft tissue massage, manipulation and dry needling to compliment rehabilitative exercise and lifestyle advice. In recent years she has developed a keen interest in rib complaints, jaw pain, headaches, neck pain and women’s health. Morgan places a large emphasis on ensuring her patients understand their condition and feel empowered in their management plan and health moving forward.

Morgan is available for appointments Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Rose Betts

Massage Therapist

Rose Betts is currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Health Science at RMIT, and is due to start a Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) next year, which will make her a qualified Osteopath. She has recently completed her Certificate in Whole Body massage, giving her the ability to provide Deep Tissue and Relaxation massages while she completes her study.

She is also fortunate to be gaining further experience through the Holistic Bodyworks Osteopaths’ as she develops as manual therapy practitioner.

Coming from a background working in aged care, disability and childcare, Rose is very aware of the importance of health and wellbeing. She has developed into a compassionate and patient person, always striving to help others. Studying Osteopathy helps to bring her passion for community health, education, and access for allied health care together. Completing her massage course lets her start sooner in accomplishing these goals.

Rose is available for appointments Friday and Saturday.

Luke Branca

Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage Therapist

Luke has accomplished his certificate four in massage therapy at Chisholm Institute and is currently in his final stages of completing a Bachelor in Exercise science at Victoria University. While completing his studies, Luke was fortunate enough to do an internship with Keiser, Sandringham. During that time, he observed Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists assess and prescribe rehabilitative exercise programs.

Having come from a background in sport, Luke was drawn to learn more about movement and how the body functions. Completing his massage therapy certificate allows him to pursue a career where his passion for sports and helping people is combined.

He offers deep tissue massage and relaxation massage that uses techniques involving a combination of deep tissue massage, trigger point work, stretching and myofascial release.

Luke is available for appointments Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.