Holistic Health Bentleigh

Holistic Health Bentleigh

Located in nearby Oakleigh South, residents of Bentleigh and Bentleigh East can come to Holistic Bodyworks for Osteopathy, Remedial Massage, Clinical Pilates and more.

Located straight down Centre Road, Holistic Bodyworks offers healthcare with a difference.

The core principle of holistic health is that your wellbeing is about more than simply your physical state. Rather, good health is only achieved when each of its constituent parts – your physical and mental health, lifestyle and diet (among others) – are all cared for.

Holistic Bodyworks offers a wide range of holistic health modalities. Following an in-depth case history and physical examination, our team prescribe a tailored health routine that combines different treatments to:

  • Assist with injury and musculoskeletal problems
  • Help all facets of your health and wellbeing
  • Improve your resilience and resistance against future problems

Treatments For Patients of All Ages

The Holistic Bodyworks team possess a wealth of experience, dealing with cases from all walks of life.

As such, we are capable of providing holistic health treatments to all sorts of patients, including:


Holistic health modalities may be able to help seniors overcome age-related health problems such as aches and pains. They can also help maintain your body’s innate ability to self-heal, insulating you against age-related conditions and allowing you to enjoy your golden years without stiffness and pain.


Any parent will tell you that children can be somewhat exuberant and overactive. As a result, it is common for children to overexert themselves, resulting in injury.

In addition to assisting with injuries, holistic health modalities may also help your child’s development. As part of our treatment plans, Holistic Bodyworks provide education, lifestyle and dietary advice to assist with your child’s development.

Pregnant women

When engaged during pregnancy, holistic health modalities may be able to help your body prepare for the significant physical strain that comes with carrying a child.

Modalities such as Osteopathy and Clinical Pilates can help condition your body and may be able to insulate you against lower back and pelvic pain, allowing you to continue working and enjoying life while pregnant.

Osteopathy in Bentleigh for a Healthier, More Active Lifestyle

Osteopathy is a holistic health modality that utilises a wide range of techniques with the purpose of helping patients enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle.

In addition to assisting in cases of injury and chronic pain, Osteopathic treatment can also be employed to improve bodily function and build strength and resilience. Your osteopath uses a variety of treatments to do so, including:

  • Remedial Massage
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Dry Needling
  • Joint and muscle Mobilisation
  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
  • Myofascial Release

Osteopathic treatments don’t stop at strengthening and conditioning your body, however. As a holistic health modality, your Osteopath takes a big-picture view towards your health.

At Holistic Bodyworks, we understand that mental health, stress, diet and nutrition, work and lifestyle also affect your overall wellbeing. In addition to physical treatments, our experienced Osteopaths will also provide advice and supplements that may assist with these crucial, often-overlooked facets of your health.

By doing so, we may be able to help you enjoy sustained, long-term improvements to your wellbeing, mobility and quality of life.

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