Holistic Health Cheltenham

Holistic Health Cheltenham

Holistic Bodyworks offers Cheltenham residents Osteopathy, Clinical Pilates, Myotherapy and more. Our diverse range of modalities enable us to provide treatments for all sorts of health problems.

  • Recovering from a sports injury?
  • Dealing with age-related conditions?
  • Need help preparing for or during pregnancy?

Holistic Bodyworks may be able to help.

In addition to helping overcome musculoskeletal pains and conditions, holistic health modalities may also strengthen your body. By improving every facet of your wellbeing, our holistic health practitioners may be able to improve your resistance to future health problems.

Look After Every Aspect of Your Health

Holistic health is based around one core principle: namely, that health is about more than just your physical state.

For example, prolonged stress doesn’t only impact mental health. It can also spill over into your physical health in the form of compromised sleep and diet, as well as musculoskeletal pain due to muscle tension.

The reverse is also true, with physical conditions such as chronic pain negatively impacting mental and emotional wellbeing.

Holistic health practitioners take a broader view towards health. In addition to treating physical ailments such as aches, pains, and musculoskeletal conditions, our practitioners also assist with:

  • Dietary and nutritional advice
  • Mental wellbeing and stress management
  • Lifestyle adjustments and ergonomic advice

By looking beyond just the physical dimension of health and wellbeing, your holistic health regime may be able to help you lead a healthier, more active life.

Osteopath Cheltenham

Each of the body’s structures – muscles, skeletal systems, circulation – are closely interconnected, with each having a direct relationship to your overall bodily function.

Therefore, each of these individual parts needs to be in optimal condition in order to experience ongoing, good physical health.

Osteopathy is a modality that is built around this principle. Osteopathic treatment focuses on creating individualised treatment plans that help maintain good health in each of these crucial components.

To do this, we may employ a mix of treatments such as:

  • Remedial massage
  • Joint and muscle mobilisation
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Stretches and exercises
  • Diet, work, and lifestyle advice

Our Osteopaths are AHPRA-registered primary healthcare practitioners. You will not need a referral from a GP to receive Osteopathic treatment, which is rebatable under many private health insurance policies.

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