Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage Southeast Melbourne

Remedial Massage isn’t just a massage to help you unwind. It’s a literal helping hand addressing specific injuries that are causing you pain.

Remedial Massage addresses damaged, knotted, tense or immobile muscles. Performed by an experienced therapist, Remedial Massage is a powerful tool that treats the sites of injuries or ailments, encourages healing in damaged muscles, and may even protect you from future injury.

By targeting damaged, knotted, or otherwise immobile tissue deep in your body, you too can enjoy:

  • Less muscle pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced tension
  • Improved flexibility

At Holistic Bodyworks, we’re passionate about good health in all aspects of your life.

Our experienced team offer a diverse range of treatments to help you get out of pain and back to doing what you love, whether that’s playing a favourite sport, working out at the gym, or simply playing with your kids without the risk of injury or pain.

Remedial Massage is just one of the tools at our disposal.

How Remedial Massage Reduces Pain


Mechanical response

When your muscles and tissues are tense or otherwise damaged, they are prone to painful contractions and spasms.

By applying pressure directly to the affected muscles, remedial massage can relieve tension and undo knots, restoring your freedom of movement.

Additionally, Remedial Massage can also improve your blood circulation. You will enjoy improved delivery of oxygen to your muscles, as well as reduced swelling and removal of metabolic waste such as lactic acid.


Relaxation response

Anybody who’s received a good massage knows how relaxing it can be.

In addition to targeting muscle knots, Remedial Massage also triggers the release of serotonin.

This chemical is responsible for positive emotions and feelings of relaxation. According to one study, serotonin may even play a role in pain perception and management.

At Holistic Bodyworks, we firmly believe that improving your health means looking at all aspects of your wellbeing. Emotional wellbeing and mental stress are an often overlooked part of the equation, which remedial massage may also be able to help with.


More Than Just a Back-rub

This therapeutic form of massage directly applies pressure to problem areas in your muscles. Using their knuckles and elbows, your Remedial Massage therapist directly applies pressure to muscles and tissue that are:

  • Damaged
  • Knotted
  • Stiff
  • Immobile
  • Tense

At Holistic Bodyworks, we begin every session with a discussion of your unique condition and learn how pain is affecting your day-to-day lifestyle.

Using knowledge of the human body, our caring and knowledgeable team determine which muscles and tissue we need to target during your massage.

This results in a completely personalised remedial massage routine that effectively targets your unique pain.

What Happens During Your Remedial Massage Appointment?

We’ll ask you some questions to learn more about the type of pain you’re experiencing, including its location and whether its isolated or referring pain elsewhere.

Then, we will conduct a physical inspection which might include looking at your posture, and performing movement and flexibility assessments.

From there, we can prescribe your unique treatment plan.

You might be under the impression that Remedial Massage is “supposed” to be painful. While it is normal to feel pressure during a session, please let us know if the pressure is too strong and we will adjust our technique.

We’ll also provide instructions on some at-home exercises and stretches you can implement when you leave our clinic.