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Running Shoes – Osteopath Dr. Naylor can help you choose the right shoe

Running Shoes? Cross Trainers? Netball Shoes? What is best suited?

Our very own Osteopath Dr. Rebecca Naylor has many years experience of fitting the right shoe to the right foot, working at Athlete’s foot while she was studying Osteopathy. Here is some advice on choosing the perfect Running Shoes from Rebecca!


Running shoes or cross trainers are essential in any child or adults wardrobe. They are not only fashionable but also practical and can be worn every day to school or used for activities, such as running, netball, tennis and basketball. When deciding what is most suitable for you we suggested you get professionally fitted at a sport-shoe store and get something that is best suited for your foot-type and activity based needs. This blog is designed to assist you in what you need to know about the basics of footwear and the difference between a running shoe vs. a cross-trainer vs. a netball shoe.


How do I choose a shoe?

When selecting a shoe, unfortunately not just based on looks, it is recommended that you get fitted professionally by companies that learn about the footwear features, how they fit certain feet and what is best suited for your needs. When looking at the shoe, you want to ensure that the heel is quite firm, the shoe in the mid-foot doesn’t twist too much and the fore-foot (toe area) bends easily, like you are walking in them. Although depending on what you need the shoes for, if you wear orthotics, or have other health concerns it is suggested that you consult your treating health-care professional about it and ensure that you are properly fitted for these shoes by companies that are trained to do so.

How do I know if my shoes have worn out?

It is recommended that shoes are changed between six months to 18 months depending on how much they are used and how hard you are on the shoes. A good way to see if your shoe has worn out is to inspect the outer sole of the shoe, also known as the tread. If the tread is degraded or thin, it is a pretty good indication that the shoes are worn out and not giving you the best support for the activities you are using them for.


What is the difference between running shoes, cross-trainers and netball shoes?

Running shoes are generally designed for straight line movement and do not provide any support when it comes to stop-start/change of direction sports and can contribute to the increase chance of serious injury, like spraining your ankle. Cross trainers, depending on the outer sole, can be more court-specific, designed for court sports or generalised cross trainers, more of a running outer sole but still designed for multi-purpose use. Netball shoes are designed in particular for the movement of netball and basketball and can help reduce the chance of injury, especially ankle injuries.

What can I do if I am experiencing aches or pains in the lower limb?

If you are experiencing any aches or pains in your lower limb contact the clinic today to make an appointment with one of our friendly Osteopaths or Myotherapists for an assessment.

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