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What is the Cat Camel Exercise? Following on from our blog on the thoracic spine and the thoracic towel stretch, the Cat Camel back exercise, or also known as happy cat/angry cat, is a gentle mobilisation for your spine and surrounding

What is Piriformis Syndrome? Quite literally, a pain in the butt! To better understand Piriformis Syndrome firstly you need to know about the Piriformis muscle. What is the Piriformis? Your Piriformis muscle is a small muscle that lies deep to your gluteal muscles

Beginner Core and Pelvic Floor Exercises We hope you enjoyed our previous post about the core muscles. Just to recap, our core muscles refer to the deep abdominal muscles- Transverse Abdominus, deep spinal muscles and most importantly our Pelvic Floor muscles.

Spring time is great for getting more active, but increasing your activity quickly can result in overuse injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis. Read this blog to find out more! What is the Plantar Fascia? The plantar Fascia is a thick connective band of