Image of the harmony pillow of the Flexi Pillows range

Flexi Pillows – Which one is right for me?

Flexi Pillows

What pillow should I get? How old should my pillow be before I change it? How do I pick a pillow that is right for me? These are common questions that we often get here at Holistic Bodyworks. We have decided to write a blog about it to make it easier to know when it is time to swap your pillow over and what you should be looking at investing in. At Holistic Bodyworks we stock the Flexi pillows as well as the Technogel range.  


The Flexi Pillows Range:  


Flexi Pillows stock a large range of pillows from different materials including cool gel, premium memory foam, natural latex or a combination of the above. They are designed to try and provide the optimal comfort to those who use them and provide enough softness but firmness to ensure that there is enough support there. Flexi Pillow has the ability to adjust the pillow to four different heights by simply removing the base, to allow for the fit to be tailored to the individual.  


The Relief Classic Pillow:  


It is a traditional shaped memory foam pillow, which provides an extreme plush feel and is comfortable for the sleeper. The material has pinholes that allow airflow through the pillow and provides an ultra-high pressure relief. It has a bamboo rich removable and washable cover and are anti-bacterial, moisture absorbent, good insulation and hypo-allergenic covers. We recommend the relief classic pillow for any type of sleeper, but is better suited to back and side sleepers.  


The Harmony Pillow:   


This pillow has a medium to firm feeling, which caters to most people. It has curvatures to match the curves of one neck and shoulders. The Harmony pillow has a very slow recovery rate, which is a characteristic of High Grade Memory foam. The pillow has a double lobe design with 2 contours, one at 13.5cm and the other at 11.5cm. There is a removable base of 2cm that makes the pillow adjustable and perfect for different sizes. The memory foam is covered in a plush Tencel®-Rich fabric, which creates a comfortable sleeping surface. The fabric is also eco-friendly, moisture absorbent and anti-bacterial. The pillow has convolutions cut into the top surface, which assists in improving air circulation and softens the surface. The Harmony pillow is designed for back or side sleepers.  



Kids Pillow – Relief Classic:  


We even stock a pillow for kids. It is a traditional shaped pillow that is extremely plush and comfortable and sized specially for children. The plushness comes from the addition of ventilation holes in the foam, which allows the softness feel to it but also improves the air flow through the pillow. It has a high level of comfort and allows pressure relief of the head, which may aid in a soothing night’s sleep. The pillow itself is covered in a bamboo-rich cover, which is anti-bacterial, moisture absorbent, good insulator, hypo-allergenic, very soft and eco-friendly.  




Harmony Travel Pillow:  


Same as the Harmony Pillow but in a miniature form. It has the same characteristics like the Harmony pillow, the only difference is that the double lobe design with 2 contours, height is difference at 11.5 cm and the other at 9cm. The pillow still has the same  The Harmony Tencel®-Rich fabric cover that is eco- friendly, moisture absorbent, and anti-bacterial. The pillow has convolutions cut into the top surface which assists in improving air circulation and softens the surface. The Harmony Pillow is designed for people who sleep on their backs or sides.  

Best of all the Harmony Travel Pillow is only 26cm deep and 35 cm long and rolls up neatly into its carry bag. It can be neatly placed in your luggage when you travel as it hardly takes up much room at all. 


  • Small and compact 
  • Perfect travel companion 
  • Rolls up into its own carry bag 
  • Fits neatly into your luggage 
  • Medium to Firm Feel 
  • Premium Memory Foam 
  • Gentle Contour – helps sleep posture 
  • Ideal for back and side sleepers 
  • High Pressure Relief 
  • Covered in Luxurious Tencel® Rich Fabric 


Relief Classic Low Line:  

Recommended for teenagers the Relief Classic low-line is a traditional shaped pillow that is extremely plush and comfortable. It is made from premium quality memory foam with additional ventilation holes in the foam. This enhances the soft feel of the pillow but also allows from improvement of air flow through the pillow. The Relief Classic low-line is covered in a Bamboo-rich cover, which is anti-bacterial, moisture absorbent, good insulation, hypo-allergenic, very soft and eco-friendly. The low-line is slightly smaller and lower version of the relief classic pillow. It is ideal for people who sleep on their stomachs and or are of a smaller body frame.  


Technogel Deluxe Pillows:  


The technogel is a  versatile classic shape pillow for small-to-medium build back or side sleepers but also for the periodic stomach sleepers as well. It is built to be of moderate height and is composed of Technogel®, which adapts like water but is of solid material. This allows it to react uniquely to your body to ease pressure. It has a removable zipper cover that allows for the cooling effect of the Technogel® to take place. The Technogel® material is non-toxic, odourless, resists hardening of softening due to temperature or age. All Technogel® pillows are ergonomically designed to keep your head, neck and spine in a comfortable position.  The deluxe pillow comes in a couple of different heights so be sure to have your practitioner measure you for the right pillow.


In summary: 

  • Technogel moulded together with memory foam
  • Superior pressure relief  
  • Made in Italy 
  • Biocompatible, non-toxic, virtually odourless 


If you want to know more about which pillow may be right for you book an appointment with one of our lovely Osteopaths or Myotherapists online or call 9570 3388.