Warming Up

Everyone has heard they should start by Warming Up before activity, but is warming up before exercise really that important?

The short answer, YES!

If you are someone who dives head first into a workout without much pre thought, then this is for you.

By carrying out a short warm-up, you are getting your body ready for your workout and so the type of warm up will be determined by the specific type of exercise you are going to do.

However you choose to get active the overall process is still the same;

– It should be done before you start your workout, getting the blood pumping and moving around the body, to produce some mild sweating without tiring yourself out.
– It also increases your body and muscle temperature to improve the efficiency of your muscles and tissues, increases the range of motion of your joints and prepares you mentally for the workout ahead.

Studies have shown that warming-up can reduce the risk of injury by 50% at least (important for you exercise enthusiasts!).

So try to warm up for 5-10 minutes prior to your workout.

This can include;

  • brisk walking
  • gentle cycling
  • foam rolling
  • dynamic movements such as running on the spot, knee lifts and butt kicks
  • stretching

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