Foam Rolling Glutes and Hamstrings!

Part 4 – Foam Rolling Glutes and Hamstrings

We had some great feedback from our last post on Foam Rolling the calf and plantar fascia. This week we will focus on two other very important muscle groups in the legs- the Gluteals (Glutes) and Hamstrings.

The Glute and Hamstring muscles are actually each made up of 3 different muscles and each play an important roll. These are our powerhouse muscles for a huge range of movements including running, jumping, squatting, lifting and for simple but important actions like getting up from a chair.

If the Glutes and Hamstrings become tight then they often can’t function at their best which can restrict some of the above activities and also contribute to conditions such as lower back, hip and knee pain.


The easiest way to get started on the Glutes is as follows;

  • Sit down onto your Foam roller with your hands behind you and knees bent, feet flat on the floor in front of you so you have a solid base to work from.
  • From here place your right ankle onto your left knee- already you will feel a stretch in your right Glute area. You can control how strong the stretch is by moving your left foot further or closer to you.
  • Slowly move your weight onto the right Glute by tilting your left knee across to the right.
  • From here you can gently roll up and down over the roller or simply hold your weight onto the roller. This position of the leg opens up or hip joint and helps to release deeper parts of our Gluteal muscles.


For pin point release of the Glutes,

  • Lay down on the floor or bed with both knees bent and feet flat. Tilt your knees to the left and place your spikey ball under your right Gluteal area on any tender point.
  • Lean your knees across to the right and onto the ball. Hold here for 30-60 seconds and then move to a new point.

Alternatively, you can use your spikey ball standing against a wall.

  • Place the ball between your Glutes and the wall and lean your weight onto the ball.
  • From here you can do pin point hold release or you can roll your Glutes over the wall, moving your body to find different points along the muscle.


The technique for Foam Rolling the Hamstrings is very similar to the calf muscles.

  • Start sitting on the floor resting back on your hands. Place the Foam Roller across ways midway between your knee and buttock with your opposite foot flat on the ground and knee bent to give you a solid base to move.
  • From here, you can apply as much or little pressure as you like. You can keep your buttocks on the floor and simply rock your weight from side to side or you can lift your buttocks up off the floor and move your body up and down over the roller.
  • For extra pressure, cross your opposite leg on top at the ankles and lean the weight of both legs onto the roller.


For a more pin point release the spikey ball can be used.

  • Sitting on a soft surface (the bed or couch) place the spikey ball under your leg somewhere along the hamstring muscle; maybe on a particular tender point.
  • Then, sitting on the ball, slowly straighten your knee and then bend it again. You will feel some discomfort as the fascia surrounding the Hamstring is released.
  • Repeat the knee movement 5-10 times on each tender point.

Be sure to remember to always roll over meaty parts of the muscle in a gentle way and not over boney areas!

If you think that perhaps your Glutes or Hamstrings need some attention, please call the clinic or make an online booking with one of our Osteopaths.