white background vector illustration of a rib cage illustration where you can get a rib sprain

Rib sprain? What can an Osteopath do?

These are many questions we receive at Holistic Bodyworks in Oakleigh South. This blog is all about how you get a rib sprain! It should give you a better understanding about ribs, how they can cause you pain and what Osteopathy can do to help!


How do you get a rib sprain?


Ever sneezed and felt a sharp pain in either the front or the back of you rib cage, or have taken a deep breath and felt as though you couldn’t breathe as freely as you have in the past?

Most likely you have a rib sprain or dysfunction. What causes these injuries can be repetitive and sustained postures. These sustained positions can put more strain through the muscles, ligaments and joints causing an irritation to occur at one of those joints. You can also injure these through tackles, bumps from contact sport or from a motor vehicle accident.


Wait, what? Ribs have joints?


If you think about your ribs, they attach to the either side of your spine, also known as your costo-vertebral joint, then midway around your midline of your shoulder blade they change composition of material and are known as your costo-transverse joint. Then you have the front of your ribs, sterno-costal (as the name suggests sternum and costal cartilage of the rib) and costo-chondral.


What can an Osteopath do?


With any rib irritation we not only take a history of what happened and ask you a lot of questions we assess not only your ribs but look at you Thoracic and Cervical spine, shoulder and potentially lower back for any associations or things that may contribute to your pain. Treatment may consist of gentle techniques to soft tissue, articulation and muscle energy techniques (METs).

We give a lot of management advice on how to manage your pain in an acute setting, which may include seeking guidance from a pharmacists, to heat/ice, to stretches and postural advice that may relieve your pain and prevent further re-occurrence.


If you are experiencing stiffness, muscle tension or pain or would like to know more on how we may be able to assist you, contact the clinic today to make an appointment or book online with one of our friendly and experienced Osteopaths or Myotherapists for an assessment.
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