Telehealth Osteopathy consultations are now available at Holistic Bodyworks

Telehealth Osteo and Myo Consultations

Telehealth is now available!

Our world is rapidly changing around us and we need to start evolving with it! Social distancing requirements for COVID19 are well and truly implemented, non-essential services are closed and school holidays have stated early. With this means that many are either trying to minimise contact with others to reduce the exposure risk or simply finding it too hard to get out of the house with the family at home.

We want to let you know that we are still open for Osteopathic face to face consultations and are now offering Telehealth appointments for Osteopathy and Myotherapy, also known as a remote video or phone consultation.


What is Telehealth and how does it work?


Telehealth is the use of video or phone services to provide education and guidance remotely. So, instead of having to come into the clinic for a face to face treatment, we can conduct your treatment whilst you’re at home in quarantine, isolation or simply just trying to minimise your person to person contact.

Unfortunately, at the moment, these consultations are not claimable by your private health insurance. Osteopathy Australia and Myotherapy Australia are currently working on this and we hope for it to be available as soon as possible. We have set up an easy pay with your credit card using Stripe when you book your appointment online, or you can ring through your card details.

For Osteopathy Medicare Plans, TAC and DVA patients, you may be able to claim your Telehealth consultation so please call the clinic or send us an email to discuss.

How would Osteopathy or Myotherapy treatments work without our usual hands on treatment?


As Osteopaths and Myotherapists, on top of our traditional hands on treatment techniques, we are also trained in providing injury management and education such as heat or ice therapy and foam rolling, as well as advice regarding movement and exercise prescription.

Through Telehealth we will provide diagnosis, management and advice for acute injury and pain as well as general health advice for management of chronic conditions, exercises and nutrition. Where appropriate, we will also be able to provide an exercise program through Physitrack, which we can email to you or download the Physitrack App for you to continue your daily treatment program in your own time.


We can also have restocked all our self maintenance equipment!

You can come arrange a time to come in and pick it up or we can arrange delivery if you can’t come in to the clinic directly! Make sure you have one of the self massage tools at home so we can direct you how and where to use it;

  • Foam Roller 90cm or 60cm
  • Spikey Massage ball
  • Trigger point ball

As well as a range of self maintenance equipment;

  • Fisiocrem 60g or 250g
  • Hoteze adhesive heat packs single or pack of 10
  • Wheat heat pads or neck wraps
  • Flex Ice/Heat packs
  • Theraband strips
  • Flexi Pillow range


How will we run the Telehealth sessions?


  • Osteopathy Telehealth New Complaint – 30 minutes
  • Osteopathy Telehealth Standard or Ongoing Complaint – 15 minutes
  • Myotherapy Telehealth New Complaint – 30 minutes
  • Myotherapy Telehealth Standard or Ongoing Complaint – 20 minutes


Bookings can be made as usual by either phone, email or online but as we currently have reduced opening hours, we strongly recommend booking online where possible.


Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email containing a clickable link to join the meeting. In case you misplace it, you will also get a link in your reminder text the day before your appointment!


We recommend conducting the meeting through a laptop with webcam, as this will allow you to move and us to see more. However, if this is not available a smartphone or tablet will also work. Make sure you have somewhere quiet and private to conduct the consultation.


What if I’m still in pain?


We understand that sometimes this isn’t always going to work and hands on treatment is what’s needed to get the body to settle. At the moment (and hopefully when you read this!), we’re still accepting patients for face to face Osteopathy treatments, therefore if a Telehealth treatment doesn’t suit you can still come in.

However, this might change in the future so we want to start this process now so that we are ready to keep helping you over the coming months as everything unfolds.


If you’re unsure if Telehealth is suitable for you, please feel free to give us a call on 9570 3388 and we can discuss your situation personally.
Call (03) 9570 3388